Sunder Subramanian

Independent International Development Consultant and Advisor

Until recently Sunder was an Adviser in Development Consulting at ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd (IMaCS), a cutting edge, trans-disciplinary consulting firm. Sunder worked across IMaCS’s consulting groups/verticals, including International Development, Infrastructure, Urban Development, Energy, and Corporate Sector, providing consulting/advisory leadership to many mandates, as well as team support to many others for a range of multilateral, bilateral, and other clients including UNICEF, The World Bank, ADB, Water and Sanitation Program South Asia, DFID, KfW, USAID, WASTE, and various governments and government organisations at national and subnational levels.

Previously he was (and currently is) a independent development researcher and consultant, and worked with a range of clients including multilateral and bilateral development aid agencies including DFID, SDC, UNICEF, NORAD, WSP-SA, and occasionally, other agencies such as the India Canada Environment Facility, and WaterAid. Sunder brings a strong track record of recent and current projects in India and elsewhere, and has worked on multiple sectoral verticals in the International Development space since 1996, and has played leadership roles in various mandates and as key team member in many others. He has over 20 years of highly multi-disciplinary experience including with academia, industry, the non-profit sector, and development research and consulting.

Sunder’s research/consulting domains include Water, Wastewater, & Sanitation; Urban Development, Infrastructure & Planning; Investment Climate and Analyses; PPP; Regulatory Regimes; Climate Change & Adaptation; Environmental & Public Health; Environment and Livelihoods; Indigenous Peoples and Systems, NRM, Renewable Energy, ICT4D, Biological Diversity, Landscapes, Protected Areas and Conservation, CSR and CR, KM and KM4D. Sunder’s primary functional consulting areas/interests include Policy Research & Analyses; Sector Studies, Regulatory Governance and Research; Programme Design and Management; M&E.

Sunder has several published works to his credit apart from presentations at various international development fora. These have included a chapter titled “Rethinking Demographics and Sustainability” in “Rio, Johannesburg and Beyond – India’s Progress in Sustainable Development” published by Orient Longman, September 2002; Co-Authored Chapter on ‘Financing Low Carbon Infrastructure’ for the India Infrastructure Report 2010; India Assessment 2002: Water and Sanitation, a Planning Commission of India research document, and various presentations including at the annual World Water Week conferences in Stockholm.

Sunder is also a LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development) Fellow, and also Fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar and the 21st Century Trust, apart from being a member of various practitioner networks such the Evidence Based Policy Making Network, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA), and the International Water Association (IWA).

He has a wide range of other interests including natural history, and wildlife ecology, among others. Sunder is also an avid photographer.