Sophia Burton

Managing Director & Co-Founder

I am an advocate for more nuanced, open, and evidence-based understanding of migration in media, education, and public debate. My 10+ years of professional experience includes 7 in international start-up environments, including one where I am a founder and current Managing Director (Migration Matters). I am a dual American-German citizen based in Berlin who strongly believes in the power of education - formal and informal - to foster global awareness, intercultural understanding, and inclusive communities.

The Big Climate Movement, Migration Matters

The Big Climate Movement

Three experts and eight climate activists dissect the complex interactions between migration and climate change in this 12-episode video series. 

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Sophia is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

sk 0 - climate adaptation.

Human Mobility

Every year, millions of people move in the context of disasters. Disasters are expected to increase in frequency and intensity in the context of climate change. This theme explores the forced and voluntary forms of human mobility in the context of climate change, including related protection needs and adaptation options.
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52de5ba413ff6vulnerability - climate adaptation.


Guidelines and tools for assessing the social and biophysical vulnerability to climate change.
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