Sonja Wiencke

Data Analyst and Product Manager for Twine Impact Measurement Software

I'm a data analysis and learning professional, with a background in international diplomacy and non-profit innovation.
My aim is to make the biggest contribution I can to evidence-based, community-led climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction (DRR), focusing on SIDS in the Caribbean.

I manage projects that enable people to solve the issues of disadvantage and vulnerability they face.
At the moment, that takes the form of managing development and marketing of the Twine software, which allows local social businesses to monitor their impact on their community, and learn from business intelligence data.
In line with my volunteer role as consultant for small charities in the UK, I thus support social justice initiatives in becoming innovative, sustainable, and system-changing.

I want to contribute to projects that enable people to solve the issues of disaster risk and vulnerability they face, by using the skills mentioned above plus new skills I can learn from you.

Sonja is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Gender and Social Equality

This theme aims to deepen engagement on issues of gender and social equality in the context of environment and development, foster collaborations and strengthen capacity.
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537b400e7b1dd6324595173-51498e7c01-o - climate adaptation.

Disasters and Climate Change

Generating knowledge to integrate disaster risk reduction (DRR) with equitable, sustainable and resilient development, recognizing that development and DRR are interlinked.  
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sipalay 0 - climate adaptation.

Small Islands and Climate Change

This theme curates information on the impacts of climate change on islands and the many approaches and activities that island inhabitants have done to respond to these impacts.
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52de5ba413ff6vulnerability - climate adaptation.


Guidelines and tools for assessing the social and biophysical vulnerability to climate change.
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Nature-based Solutions

Enhancing nature-based solutions to support climate adaptation.
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cbanetworksquare - climate adaptation.

Community Based Adaptation Network (CBA Network)

The Community Based Adaptation Conference on Climate Change (CBA) online community space. Visit here for the latest updates on CBA and access to CBA resources.
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