Sonali Narang

Research Scholar

My work look at the various aspects of climate change from critical geopolitical perspective how the Formal, Practical and Popular Geopolitics are in a process of constructing climate knowledge by using climate scenarios and narratives. I believe that a critical social science intervention in the nascent discourse of ‘climate change migration’ is needed, in order to uncover and analyze the political uses and abuses of climate fear, and growing securitization and militarization of climate change policy and responses. I consider it is important to understand and describe the Climate Justice and ethical work that the idea of climate change is currently performing across different worlds. My research interests are therefore explore role of geopolitics of climate fear in B/ordering practices in India and Bangladesh, especially through the deployment of various official and popular narratives of ‘climate migration’. I look at how the Counter-Imaginative Geographies are growing against the dominant geographies of power, practice and representation

Sonali is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Forests and Climate Change

Exploring the role of forests for the adaptation of people to climate change.
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Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia

Strengthening linkages between adaptation and the sustainable development agenda whilst enhancing institutional and research capacity.
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