Sonu Khanal

Senior hydrologist and climate change expert/ Project Manger

I'm Sonu Khanal (Ph.D.) with over a decade of experience in providing technical expertise and leading projects related to extreme hydro-climatic events, river floods, droughts, climate change and its impacts, water-food-energy nexus and more. I've honed my skills at esteemed institutions like IOE, ICIMOD, PAC, KNMI, and VU, and currently work at FutureWater, where I utilize simulation models, geographic information systems satellite observations, bid data and cloud computing tools to analyze hydro-meteorological and climate information.

I have sound skills at R, Python, and GIS-based applications, and have developed QGIS plugins and R/Python based apps for climate and hydrological analysis. Over the past year, I've focused on cutting-edge techniques to forecast flood and drought risks and impacts on crop yields and water supply systems. I've worked with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, national and local governments, and many more.

If you're in need of an experienced technical leader for the water-food-energy sector, don't hesitate to get in touch!