Director. Division of Journal and Publication. Department of Science Administration and Training. Vietnam Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Dr. Bach Tan Sinh is currently Director of the Division of Journal and Publication, Vietnam Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (VISTI). He received his Ph.D on Social Environmental Science from Alborg University, Denmark, Master on Science and Technology Policy from Research Policy Institute, University of Lund, Sweden and B.Sc. in Precision Mechanical Engineering from Ilmenau Technical University, Germany in 1998, 1993 and 1985 respectively. Dr. Sinh was a post-doctoral Fulbright Scholar at University of California, Berkeley, USA during 1999-2000 and a visiting lecturer and scholar at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, USA in 2011. He is a member of Globelics Network on National Innovation System since 2003 and founding member of Asialics Innovation Study Network since 2004. Dr. Sinh is the member of Editorial Board of the Asian Journal of Technology Innovation since 2004 and the Regional Editor of the International Journal of Development, Learning and Innovation since 2006.