Silvana Denisse Fajardo Pérez

Engineer specialized in Environmental Quality Management and Audit, with a Master of Science and a Certificate in Business Management. National and international experience in public agencies and private sector in: environmental management, marine management, sustainable cities topics, development of EIAs and implementation of management systems (ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001); within service businesses, health, hydrocarbons and fishery industry.
A proactive, responsible, dedicated, professional problem solver and out-of-the-box thinker. Currently very interested in: environment, climate change, sustainable cities, sustainable development, energy, new technologies, experimentation and research. Able to observe, understand, analyze, synthesize and evaluate. Good at managing interpersonal relationships and assuming leadership.
Languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. Love traveling, outdoor activities and scuba diving.

Silvana Denisse is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

5103ff93bb95550c5cf69dddedwiki-adapt - climate adaptation.


Information on integrating wikiADAPT into the new weADAPT Knowledge Base.
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52dfc5ba8e300small-islands-and-climate-change 0 - climate adaptation.

Small Islands and Climate Change

Promoting an understanding of the vulnerabilities and resilience of islands not only among SIDS but also among countries with islands.
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52de5bd574421urban-adaptation - climate adaptation.

Cities and climate change

Views on trends, challenges, findings and case studies of cities adapting throughout the world.
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52dfc77a4dcbbnational-adaptation-planning 1 - climate adaptation.

National Adaptation Planning

Designing robust, flexible adaptation strategies for national adaptation plans.
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52de5ba413ff6vulnerability - climate adaptation.


Guidelines and tools for assessing the social and biophysical vulnerability to climate change.
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52dfc4e74363ctransforming-governacne 1 - climate adaptation.

Governance, institutions and policy

Advancing new insights into good governance for sustainable development in the face of social and ecological change.
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