Stephen Salter

Emeritus Professor of Engineering Design, University of Edinburgh

After working on renewable energy since 1973, including an idea for desalination using energy from sea waves, I am now involved with design of the engineering hardware to reverse global warming using Latham's proposal for making marine clouds reflect more solar energy. We would spray sub-micron drops of filtered sea-water into the turbulent marine boundary layer. After evaporation the salt residues would increase the number of drops in ocean clouds. This makes them more reflective because of the Twomey effect. My work has involved the design of wind-driven spray vessels. I have been doing calculations suggesting that quite a small number of spray vessels could cancel the temperature rise of an el Nino event. I would like to have them checked by people who know more than me about el Nino.

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Economics of adaptation

Assessing the costs of adaptation using multiple lines of evidence.
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