Sara Vigil

Research Fellow

Dr. Sara Vigil is a Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute (Asia center) within the Gender, Environment and Development research cluster. Sara has a decade experience in academia and policy on climate change politics, migration, land grabbing, and gender. This includes work as a research fellow and associate for several universities, think tanks, and international organizations. Sara has consulted on environment and migration issues for the World Bank, the Nansen Initiative, the International Organization for Migration and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and closely follows the UNFCCC climate negotiations as a member of the Advisory Group on Climate Change and Human Mobility. Sara holds a Master’s degree from the Sorbonne University in Paris and a joint PhD degree in Development studies and Social and Political Sciences from the International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University Rotterdam) in the Netherlands and from the University of Liege in Belgium.

Addressing the land degradation-migration nexus thumbnail

Addressing the Land Degradation–Migration Nexus

A review of existing evidence, good practices, and policy recommendations on the complex interrelationships between migration and desertification, land degradation and drought.

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