Sam Njogo


For the period spanning from, June, 2010 to 2019, I have been involved directly with agricultural production and experienced hands-on, the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, in the effort to improve their livelihoods. Most recently, I have been involved in farmer trainings, setting up fertilizer trials and formulation of context specific nutrient packages.
Currently, I am promoting conservation tillage and site specific nutrient management in middle and large scale farms of Uasin Gishu and Kakamega counties. This role calls for proper coordination, mobilization and periodic training of stakeholders and farmers in the project area. It also involves creating linkages between research institutions, input suppliers, farmers and markets as we seek to create more sustainable agri-enterprises. We have successfully initiated this program in twenty middle scale farms totaling to seventy acres of land. This, we have achieved in only our first year of operation. I have also enrolled for a pHd program in the University of Eldoret,expecting to start my course work in January,2020.
Your mission is an important one, and I would appreciate the opportunity to receive communication on different climate change adaptation strategies. I can contribute to your team and help you continue to provide the services so vital to our community. I believe that this effort will contribute to the understanding of climate change adaption mechanisms, and also prevent the downward spiral to poverty of smallholder farmers in Kenya.