Raffaele Vignola

Professor (assistant)

My research and teaching focus on the coupled human and natural dimensions of climate change adaptation and planning in the context of global change challenges affecting food production and water resources. I have designed and supervised the implementation of research to support a variety of stakeholders decision-making processes on ecosystem services conservation and climate change adaptation and mitigation in several countries and at different scales. In this work, I adopted inter- and trans-disciplinary research approaches combining social science theories (psychology, decision sciences, planning, social networks) and tools (scenarios, modelling, econometrics, content analysis, qualitative comparative analysis, etc.) with natural resource assessments to support solution-oriented research and education. I have a BSc in Agronomy Engineer from the University of Florence (Italy), a MSc in Environmental Economics and Sociology and a PhD in Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ). I founded and led for five years the Chair of Environmental Decisions for Global Change (CLADA) at CATIE (an inter-American Research, posgraduate Education and Extension organization). I have been a researcher and lecturer at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University, adjunct professor at the Institute for Environment, Resources and Sustainability of the University of British Columbia, Canada, and am currently research-affiliate at the Gund Institute for the Environment of the University of Vermont, US (https://www.uvm.edu/gund/profiles/raffaele-vignola). Pubblications are available at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Raffaele-Vignola 


map showing study sites located in the Chiquitano Model Forest (CMF)

Adaptation for future water security in forest landscapes

This paper aimed to identify conditions that can facilitate local adaptation planning for future water security, accounting for the socio-institutional context.

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ecoadapt sites

Water Governance and Climate Change Adaptation in Three Latin American Model Forests

This Occasional Paper presents the results of the EcoAdapt Project, a joint undertaking by four research and five civil society organizations from Europe and Latin America. 

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ecoadapt del 4 - climate adaptation.

EcoAdapt: Cross-site Analysis of EBA

This report summarises the results of a cross-site analysis of ecosystem-based adaptation projects in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

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100 0265 - climate adaptation.

EcoAdapt - Social dynamics during adaptation planning

This report is based on studies of the EcoAdapt project on ecosystem-based strategies and innovations in water governance networks for adaptation to climate change in Latin American Landscapes

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EcoAdapt: Socio-institutional context analysis

As global warming continues many Latin American countries face critical water scarcity issues. See this study on socio-institutional context of three countries in the region.

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53430ef46a609bmaam-map - climate adaptation.

Análisis del contexto socio-institucional Bosque Modelo Araucarias de Alto Malleco

Este artículo sintetiza los resultados de un estudio que analiza el contexto socio-institucional en el Bosque Modelo Araucarias de Alto Malleco en los territorios de Lonquimay y Curacautín de Chile

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