Ruth Butterfield

I am the director of the Stockholm Environment Insititue Oxford Centre. I am interested in how both physical and social systems cope with multiple challenges including climate and climate change. My areas of interest are climate change, agriculture, forestry, social and physical vulnerability, social learning and adaptation decision making.

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Small Islands Climate Adaptation Training

This project aims to support the planning of locally relevant climate adaptation programmes and projects by providing a combination of face-to-face and testing of electronic learning opportunities.

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System dynamics


System dynamics was developed for the purpose of characterizing complex, non-linear systems through capturing interrelations, feedback loops and delays (Langsdale et al, 2007). System...

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Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping

Outline of the approach

Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM) is a research method suitable for getting an insight into stakeholders' perceptions towards some issue or problem. The...

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Module: Indicator Mapping

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Policy Brief- Review Summary and Synthesis


This briefing note summarises the review and synthesis work on the costs (and benefits) of adaptation to climate change in Europe. The research received funding from the...

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ClimateCost- TPBN 5

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