Ruth Butterfield

I am the director of the Stockholm Environment Insititue Oxford Centre. I am interested in how both physical and social systems cope with multiple challenges including climate and climate change. My areas of interest are climate change, agriculture, forestry, social and physical vulnerability, social learning and adaptation decision making.

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Vulnerability Frameworks

This page shows an exercise developed for a short course on adaptation for the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Network for Asia. It compiles a series of vulnerability frameworks which participants...

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Current Climate and Hazards

Kenya has a dipole rainy season in which the long rains are generally from March to May as the ITCZ moves northwards, and the short rains are typically from...

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Flooding India

Vulnerability definitions

This articles bring together definitions of climate change vulnerabillity

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Examples of vulnerability assessment

 Various examples of methods of vulnerability assessment are given in the documents below. Most are participatory in nature and arise from the practitioner community and for that reason tend to...

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Step 5: Understanding trends

A first step in assessing these potential impacts is to highlight or estimate the major current and expected trends (direction, magnitude, and extent) of climate-related hazards. The purpose of...

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Effective use of climate science to improve adaptation in Africa

POLICY BRIEF : Effective use of climate science to improve adaptation in Africa 

Stockholm Environment Institute, May 2008


Adaptation to climate variability is...

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