Nicola Burmeister

Postgraduate Masters student

I am currently completing my Masters degree at the University of Leeds in Climate Change and Environmental Policy. I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and completed my Undergraduate and Honours degrees at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.
I am interested in the multiple pathways through which human-environment interactions are governed at international, national and local levels, thereby addressing the possible mechanisms through which these policies aim to have a practical impact.
My current research explores the multilevel governance of climate change through investigating the forms of transnational climate governance processes and assessing how these operate within the global climate change policy context. I have previously done research on the multilevel climate governance processes at the international and city level within the city of Cape Town. I have also assisted in research on the environmental challenges in the Southern African region with particular focus on the Limpopo Basin which included climate change impacts, challenges, and adaptation and mitigation strategies relating to the 4 basin countries.