Nickolai Denisov

Senior associate

Senior associate and co-founder of Zoï environment network, a non-profit organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. Holds a PhD in Environment / Geography, and has over twenty years of experience in environmental assessment, reporting, information management and communication. Organised and contributed to studies of environmental issues in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, implemented numerous capacity-building projects in the field, including a series of regional assessments under the Environment and Security initiative (ENVSEC). Work related to climate change includes: support to the EC's DG Climate Action in its cooperation with countries outside of the EU; vulnerability studies and strategic adaptation frameworks for transboundary water basins in Europe and Central Asia (Dniester, Neman, Chu and Talas with UNECE, UNDP and the OSCE); assessment of security impacts of climate change (Environment and Security initiative, Swiss Development Cooperation); inputs to adaptation strategies of the agricultural sector in Belarus (EU ClimaEast) and Ukraine (FAO); the development of the National Framework for Climate Services in the Republic of Moldova (World Bank and WMO).

climate conflicts potential map

Climate Change & Environment Nexus Brief: Fragility and Conflict

This brief looks at the nexus of environment, climate change, fragility and conflict and their complex interlinkages, and focuses on conflicts related to declining natural resources.

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