Mzime Ndebele-Murisa

Mzime Ndebele-Murisa is a Freshwater Ecologist who was based in the Department of Freshwater and Fishery Sciences, School of Wildlife, Ecology and  conservation at Chinhoyi University of Technology as the Deputy Dean and the Freshwater Programme Coordinator as well as a Senior Lecturer. Mzime’s research interests include aquatic ecology, fishery sciences, plankton ecology, climate modelling, adaptation, vulnerability and impact assessments, as well as water resources management and development. Mzime is involved in several research and development programmes including the IDRC-funded African Climate Change Fellowship Programme (ACCFP), the DFID-funded Climate Implementation Research Capacity Leadership Enhancement (CIRCLE), the NERC-funded as well as the World Climate Research Programme-commissioned Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX Africa) and, more recently,
the CDKN-UKaid-NERC funded Future Climate for Africa’s Future Resilience for African Cities and Lands (FRACTAL) in the role of a Trainer and Evaluator, Principal Investigator and Mentor, Coordinator, and Research Team Member. Mzime has a BSc (Honours) in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Tropical Ecology from the University of Zimbabwe and attained a PhD degree from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Map showing city exchange routes between the cities of Durban, Harare, Lusaka and Windhoek in southern Africa

City to city learning in southern Africa

This paper provides a comparitive analysis of four southern African cities using city exchanges under the Future Resilience for African Cities and Lands (FRACTAL) program.  

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ProSus Magazine cover

ProSus #3: Building resilience in southern African cities

The third issue of START’s ProSus Magazine features reflections, research and stories from the Future Resilience for African Cities and Lands (FRACTAL) program.

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assar logo - climate adaptation.


This 5-year research project seeks to better understand barriers and enablers to widespread transformative adaptation to advance adaptive livelihoods for vulnerable groups
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52de5bd574421urban-adaptation - climate adaptation.

Cities and climate change

Views on trends, challenges, findings and case studies of cities adapting throughout the world.
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