Muna Mirghani

water resources management

Dr. Muna is a consultant, researcher and educator who has served the water community in the IGAD region. She consults to projects in hydrological analysis and water resources assessment and development in Sudan and internationally. Currently she is a Lead IWRM specialist at WaterTrac co. ltd. The WaterTrac is a resource and consulting center with core competencies in water Business management including projects on IWRM governance systems and water infrastructure. The center operates in various states of the Sudan, east Africa countries and Basin organizations. WaterTrac provides professional education, research and advisory services in collaboration with national universities and regional capacity building programs. Dr. Muna is in charge of:
­ Managing WaterTrac projects vis-à-vis consulting or research and training activities on different Water Engineering & Management themes.
­ Develop technical proposals and lead the delivery of all water related projects. These include assessments, integrated water resources planning, policy, institutional capacity building, hydrological modeling, water infrastructure, results- based program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluations, etc.
­ Design of technical content for multidisciplinary capacity building programs for water managers.
­ Jointly facilitate professional education and research programs in the Nile countries on various IWRM themes, hydrology analysis/ design, groundwater modeling, and climate change.
­ Facilitate professional development trainings, coaching and guidance to national offices/ regional project staff.
­ Networking and partnership building: e.g. focal point of a capacity building network implementing Cap-Net/UNDP program in the Nile Basin, co-founded AGW-Net, Africa climate change adaptation network, and maintain active membership in regional and thematic networks.
Dr. Muna contributed to research programs in integrated water resources management addressing flood and drought risk in various watersheds; as well as in simulating surface/ groundwater hydrodynamic and prediction of aquifer response to different stresses vis-à-vis recharge and pumping. She has modeled a number of groundwater basins under different projects, tested potential use, designed site and sustainable abstraction.
Dr. Muna has been involved in many interdisciplinary projects combining institutional and engineering solutions, conducted both individually and as part of teams (e.g. to basin organizations, utilities, line water related ministries and local government) as well as supervised and evaluated post-graduate thesis and research projects under different employers/ associates.
Internationally, Dr. Muna provides technical studies, reviews and professional development services on integrated water resources management to many regional and development partners, consulting firms, NGOs, IGOs and UN agencies.

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