Daniel Morchain

My research focus has been on adaptation of European and Asian cities to climate change and to other environmental and socio-economic pressures. In Asia - especially in the Philippines - I have worked with local governments in the development and implementation of strategies to adapt to climate change, as well as at creating links between communities' natural resource management and poverty alleviation measures. In Europe, I have conducted research on cities' vulnerabilities and responses to changing climatic and environmental conditions.

I'm interested in working with communities in building resilience, while using natural resources in a sustainable way. I think there is a good potential to achieve this goal through more decentralised, small-scale 'nodes' of activity.

I am also the editor of the initiative called "Urban adaptation to climate change" and collaborate adding content to other initiatives, as well.
Together with my colleagues I started the urban initiative in March 2012 and in a few months we are now a group of almost 20 collaborators. Still, the amount of content and case studies in this initiative has to grow significantly in order to make it a reference for people interested in the topic.
On weADAPT I would like to see an increasing number of members sharing content and feeling that there is great value in doing that. Innovation from the side of the platform developers and editors (us!) will be crucial in achieving this.
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