Meghan Gombos

Owner and Principal Consultant of Sea Change Consulting

Meghan has been working in the field of marine conservation for nearly 20 years.  She specializes in stakeholder driven planning for marine resource management and community based climate change adaptation.  Meghan has coordinated and facilitated broad reaching networks across the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean to build capacity of marine conservation practitioners.  This work included facilitation of capacity assessments, strategic planning, socio-economic monitoring, and skills trainings.  She has also led the collaborative development of several tools to support facilitation of community-based planning processes.   These tools include topics such as climate change adaptation; effective locally managed area design; and understanding coastal change. 

Prior to consulting Meghan worked for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Coral Reef Conservation Program.  In her role at NOAA, she worked directly with US affiliated jurisdictions in the Pacific to support strategic priorities for reducing threats to coral reefs; including land based sources of pollution, over-fishing, and recreational over use. 

Meghan is the Owner and Principal Consultant of Sea Change Consulting (SCC).  SCC was established in 2010 and is aimed at providing capacity building support to communities, and natural resources management agencies and organizations. To do this, SCC works directly with on the ground partners to identify needs, define project objectives, and design locally relevant approaches to achieve practical solutions to capacity needs.

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Designing Effective Locally Managed Areas in Tropical Marine Environments


All communities want to live among healthy and abundant natural resources that provide many benefits, including food, income, medicine, and cultural value. However, coastal...

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Adapting to A Changing Climate

This guide is designed for practitioners working within and with local governments and communities that normally facilitate capacity development at the community or local level.

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Climate Adaptation Learning Resources

Training modules and other resources on climate analysis, vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning.
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