S.M. Manzoor Hanifi


Hanifi is a population scientist with over 25 years of research experience in population studies and health systems and in generating longitudinal data through health and demographic surveillance systems (HDSS), in Asia and Africa, where civil and vital registration statistics is weak. Passionate about translating research findings to meet unreached population's needs through national and global policy implication, he coordinates three HDSSs of icddr,b, which surveils a population of 450,000, and is responsible for sustainability of the HDSS sites by maintaining data quality, data management and data sharing. As coordinator, he has been working to make data access easy for global alliances such as the WHO. He is also a member of HDSS Asia network and working for South-South collaboration.


Hanifi started his career at icddr,b (iccdrb.org) in 1995 as an Applied Social Researcher and has been involved in conducting innovative and interdisciplinary scientific research within icddr,b, nationally and globally. He has a strong track record in establishing and leading large-scale collaborative scientific projects in LMICs and is currently involved in scientific projects including population level seroprevalence survey on covid-19, impact of covid-19 in population health, climate change and health, predicting cholera risk model using satellite data, childhood immunization, disparities in health, and improving the health of the urban slum population.


He has a sound publication record and has made significant contribution in translating research findings to influence national and global policies. His recently published article regarding BCG vaccination in Bangladesh reflects a vital policy finding that BCG at birth should be mandated. He has also shown the impact of climate change, especially the association of salinity in drinking water with miscarriages (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-45715550).


Email: [email protected] Webpage link: https://cutt.ly/kyVs6VK

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