Cheyenne Hunt


I will receive my degree in Criminal Justice, Homeland Security this year. I am presently taking a course in Emergency Management. Mitigation is a main topic in this class. It is very interesting. Forming a Local Emergency Management Plan for communities are very difficult. Articles that this site has published, are to the point, and explain how and what to do to mitigate an all-hazard approach. I have worked for my county, as a manager of the first district polls for 40 years. Being an older scholar, puts me in a very unique position. Life experience sets me up for excellent grades. I have also served on grand juries, and regular juries. I am familiar with law enforcement, my nephew is a State Marshall, and my granddaughter has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. I am very interested in community projects, and am aware of local disasters. My interests are in landscaping, recirculating ponds, farming, decorating, gourmet cooking, and general biology.

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Disasters and Climate Change

Generating knowledge to integrate disaster risk reduction (DRR) with equitable, sustainable and resilient development, recognizing that development and DRR are interlinked.  
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