Lawrence Flint


Lawrence Flint is Coordinator of Research into Climate, Vulnerability and Adaptation at Environmental Development Action (ENDA), based in Dakar, Senegal. He is also affiliated to the Centre of African Studies at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark where he is an occasional lecturer and the Institute of Social and Economic Research (INESOR) at the University of Zambia.  Image

Lawrence researches across the disciplinary interface of social and ecological sciences. Specifically, he works on issues of climate change and variability, social and ecological vulnerability and adaptation in Sub-Saharan Africa. A particular feature of this work is community scale adaptation to climate related human and ecological vulnerability. Another feature of this work is developing human capacity in its various forms in order to be able to engage in adaptation action, thereby contributing to overall sustainable development.

Lawrence is a human and environmental geographer by discipline and has been working in the fields of social and environmental history and identity construction in southern and southern central Africa over the last ten years. He has published widely across these and the above themes.

Lawrence founded an NGO called in Western Zambia in 2004 which works on issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention and education, as well as the valorisation of AIDS orphans and others in the community affected by this pandemic (working in unison with a national donor NGO). The NGO also works on themes of history and heritage and how local communities can extract value from these cultural attributes without losing their authenticity. The organisation has published several booklets relating to the latter theme.

Prior to these activities Lawrence spent 20 years in business management in Europe and Africa both for major trans-national corporations and in his own business. Linking all these activities is the theme of 'putting people first' while seeking social and economic development that respects the environments that local communities have shared for countless generations in the past.

Lyambai project adaptation options


Ploughing the rice field at Limulunga

Adaptation options:


Investigate and employ early maturing seed varieties Apply new irrigation...
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ENDA Community Adaptation Pilot Action Programme

ENDA has been developing a network of pilot action projects across different ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa. These began in 2007 in the Upper Zambezi floodplain region of western Zambia...

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Adaptation to climate change seen from a southern NGO perspective

By Lawrence Flint - ENDA TM, 2007

ENDA is one of the few truly international African NGOs whose constituency comprises African populations in urban and rural Africa, many of which have...

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What are the stages that a CBA project might pass through on its journey towards adaptation action and what questions should be asked at each stage?

Stages that a CBA project might pass through on its journey towards adaptation action:

1. Recognising risk: preliminary meetings with vulnerable community identified, discussing evidence...
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Lyambai Workshop objectives


1. Creating a stage on which representatives from vulnerable rural communities in case study village clusters can present their experiential evidence of climate present and...

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Lyambai Vulnerability and Adaptation Project Workshop


Oxen ploughing rice field in Limulunga (identified by the community as an adaptation option). Photo M. Monde

Mongu is one seven districts in the Western Province of Zambia....

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