Léa Doumenjou

I am the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) programme officer since September 2013, but I've been involved on the communications, grant management and admin side of the project since August 2011. In addition to this, my current responsibilities within this exciting programme which works across Ethiopia, Uganda and Mozambique include the completion of a donor mapping in the field of adaptation and resilience, design and delivery of the programme communications strategy and a briefing paper on working in consortium for internal learning.

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Local disaster risk reduction planning in Ethiopia

Adaptation context

Ethiopia has registered steady economic growth in the recent past, but it is also one of the most disaster prone countries in Africa. Without careful management, disaster...

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Planning for the future and adapting to climate change in Uganda

Community members supported by ACCRA's work in Kotido district, Uganda

Adaptation context

Uganda is highly vulnerable to climate change due to its heavy dependence...

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Cover photo: Thomas White, Kampala, Uganda

Planning for an uncertain future

This report describes ‘flexible and forward-looking decision making’ (FFDM), a decision making approach that is able to adapt to the unexpected.

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