Laurie Ashley

Laurie Ashley is a Natural Resource Management Specialist with expertise in the social and ecological dimensions of climate change adaptation, land tenure, sustainable land management, and conservation initiatives. She works with non-government, university, UN, and private sector organizations in the USA, Kyrygzstan, Afghanistan, Timor Leste, and South Africa. In Kyrgyzstan, Laurie designed and led the Aga Khan Foundation's rural climate change adaptation strategy and program including initiatives for engaging civil society and sub-national and local government in capacity development and local adaptation planning and implementation. Laurie has conducted climate change analyses combining climate science, local weather, and local experience data to identify climate trends, projections, impacts, and adaptation measures for program areas; designed and led teams in participatory rural appraisal for village-level vulnerability assessments; and built organizational capacity in climate change adaptation and vulnerability assessment work.


Ø  Program design and management, research and assessment, teaching, capacity development, technical writing, and monitoring and evaluation. 

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Changes in local adaptive capacity after CCA programming

The Mountain Societies Development Support Programme, designed & facilitated a CCA programme to build local adaptive capacity among agro-pastoral villages in Kyrgyzstan.

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Community Based Adaptation Network (CBA Network)

The Community Based Adaptation Conference (CBA) online community space. Visit here for updates about CBA15 and access to CBA resources.  
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