Karl Schultz

Executive Chairman

My aim is to contribute to efforts to tackle the threats of climate change, particularly those that impact human well-being. 

A key issue is understanding the vulnerabilities of communities to climate change, and the effectiveness of climate adaptation measures. I propose that a new, additional, and quantifiable currency is needed to better articulate and prioritize adaptation measures.

So I'm working with a multi-talented team of volunteers to create a platform for the creation and exchange of "vulnerability reduction credits" (VRCs™). The Higher Ground Foundation is the organization that will govern this platform.

Meanwhile, it remains imperative that we work to increase global ambition at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing the technical, policy, market and finance solutions to make this happen. I believe adaptation should not come at the expense of mitigation efforts.

Karl is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Adaptation Decision Making

Sharing methods, tools and approaches for adaptation decision-making.
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