Katherine Beckmann

I work with the Adaptation Team of Scottish Government’s ClimateXChange programme (CXC).  CXC addresses a wide range of climate topics to support policy makers in Scottish Government and my work is focused on

1. Identifying contextual, ‘enabling frameworks’ for adaptation

2. Identifying the role that government policy has in creating and improving the context so as to promote resilience and adaptation action

3.  Demonstration of adaptation (where possible).   See http://www.climatexchange.org.uk/index.php/cxc-work/cxc-adaptation

4. Supporting the development and use of indicators of adaptation for Scotland, particularly for the Built Environment.

I have a background in natural sciences, resource management and knowledge exchange.  I hold two science degrees, and am a member of one of the Business Networks run by Cambridge Programme for Industry.  

5314be79ea17aglentress-photos-003 - climate adaptation.

Adaptive forest management at the Glentress Trial Area

Continuous Cover Forestry at Glentress

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51ed178b6d2ffpicture-of-dammed-ditch-on-blawhorn-moss - climate adaptation.

Improving Habitat Management to restore a raised bog

Safeguarding raised peat bogs- Dammed ditch on Blawhorn Moss

Safeguarding peat bogs and their stored carbon

Climate change could have severe consequences for the...

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51c1bcbcb85e5achray-1-comp - climate adaptation.

Adapting Scotland's forests

Trial of 'continuous cover' forestry. Trees have been felled to allow light in to promote natural regeneration.

Film Clips about forest adaptation

A set of 5 short...

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