Katherine Beckmann

I work with the Adaptation Team of Scottish Government’s ClimateXChange programme (CXC).  CXC addresses a wide range of climate topics to support policy makers in Scottish Government and my work is focused on

1. Identifying contextual, ‘enabling frameworks’ for adaptation

2. Identifying the role that government policy has in creating and improving the context so as to promote resilience and adaptation action

3.  Demonstration of adaptation (where possible).   See http://www.climatexchange.org.uk/index.php/cxc-work/cxc-adaptation

4. Supporting the development and use of indicators of adaptation for Scotland, particularly for the Built Environment.

I have a background in natural sciences, resource management and knowledge exchange.  I hold two science degrees, and am a member of one of the Business Networks run by Cambridge Programme for Industry.  

5374b7b6f2d7ecoigach-assynt-suilven-cul-mor-cul-beag-by-viv-halcrow - climate adaptation.

Coigach-Assynt Living Landscape

Photograph by Viv Halcrow

The Coigach-Assynt Living Landscape (CALL) is one of the largest landscape restoration projects in Europe, aiming to benefit the land, the...

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5367ebdebac95serbian-spruce-100-3174 - climate adaptation.

Kilmun Forest Garden

Diversification of the tree species grown in commercial forests is an important way to improve forest resilience. The suitability of alternate species can be assessed in forest gardens like Kilmun.

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5367e41d5bd1cconstructing-bank-log-jams - climate adaptation.

The Eddleston Water Project

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533aa6b3f0da0catch-and-release - climate adaptation.

Adaptation for sport on Scottish Estates

From "Catch and Release: A Guide to Best Practice" by Marine Scotland


In the 1990s, the reduction in numbers of salmon observed in Scottish rivers was...

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Wildfire Water Resource Pond

Wildfire Water Resource Pond

The wildfire water resource has been part of a series of innovative wildfire projects.

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53303d11f1216floodspecfence1 - climate adaptation.

Floodplain Fencing Specification

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