Katharine Vincent

As a director of Kulima Integrated Development Solutions (Pty) Ltd (www.kulima.com), I spend the majority of my time consulting in the fields of climate change vulnerability, adaptation, gender and disaster risk reduction. I work mainly in southern and eastern Africa, where I have firsthand experience of the policy and institutional frameworks around climate change, disaster risk reduction, and food security. Much of my work involves communication, “translating” knowledge typically from the scientific community in a language and format that is appropriate for the end user community (whether that is practitioners, policy-makers, or local communities), which is typically embedded in a process of stakeholder engagement, facilitation, and knowledge management. 

climate projections for tanzania

Future Climate Projections for Tanzania

This brief provides an overview of future climate change in Tanzania, using results from the latest available climate model simulations based on 34 global climate models (CMIP-5) used by the IPCC.

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Pakalinding young farmers, The Gambia, by Gerry Popplestone

Ensuring climate information guides long-term development

This article describes why climate-resilient development requires a step change in how medium to long-term climate information is produced, communicated and used in sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere.

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Farming in Malawi

Identifying climate services needs for national planning: insights from Malawi

This article identifies the opportunities and barriers to the use of climate services for national planning in Malawi.

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54cfaf0b2aa40screen-shot-2015-02-02-at-15 - climate adaptation.

FCFA Pilot: Malawi


There is growing interest about how climate information can be used to better inform decision-making across a range of sectors and socio-political and environmental settings. To...

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PROVIA Guidance on Assessing Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation to Climate Change

This guidance provides clear technical guidance on climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation at the local, national and international levels, in both developed and developing countries.

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