Katharina Lotzen


Trainee Handbook | Enhancing Climate Services for Infrastrucutre Investments

This handbook is designed for trainees in face-to-face training on integrating climate change adaptation into sustainable infrastructure investment. Its content is complemented by trainer and expert presentations (PPTs), peer discussion groups and interactive role plays. 

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Flooding in the city

Concepts, Terms and Definitions related to Climate Services, Infrastructure Risk Assessment and Climate Risk Management

Explore the common concepts, terms, and definitions in the context of Climate Services, Infrastructure Risk Assessment, and Climate Risk Management through this guide. 

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Mekong Delta

The Relationship between Climate Change Adaptation & Coastal Protection Planning in the Mekong Delta: the Role of Climate Services

The Decision Support Tool (DST) for the Coastal Protection for the Mekong Delta (CPMD) provides an analysis of the current geographical, geological and hydrological situation along the Mekong Delta’s coastline. 

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Viet Nam

Planning Perspectives for the Sustainable Future of Viet Nam

This article summarizes some initial findings of Viet Nam’s efforts and presents an innovative approach with 3 strategic measures.

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