Julia Bentz

Julia is a postdoc researcher at the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (ce3c), University of Lisbon, Portugal. Her background in interdisciplinary social sciences and her personal interests have directed her research towards the interactions between social and ecological systems in a variety of research fields. As a musician, dancer and creative person in general she is drawn to transdisciplinary and artful projects and approaches. In her current project ART FOR ADAPTATION, she is focusing on the question of how can art and creative practices contribute to broader, deeper and more inclusive perspectives on climate change. She is also affiliated with PLACARD project (University of Lisbon) and AdaptationCONNECTS project (University of Oslo).

More: www.artforadaptation.com

how to cook an appealing story

How to become a climate chef and avoid disasters

This recipe book for making stories can help you to get people engaged and working towards a climate-proof and disaster resilient society.

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Key boundary partners for bridging CCA and DRR in Europe.

Key insights for bridging CCA and DRR in the European Green Deal

The PLACARD manifesto shares insights that bridge climate change adaptation & disaster risk reduction - 3 action areas to improve cooperation & recommendations for the European Green Deal.

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Blue sky above a steep rock face, with the word 'story' above.

Using stories to encourage action

These guidance materials (including a video) show the value of storytelling and provide insights and inspiration for creating motivating narratives for your own situation and audience.

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Building in Italy with trees and plants on balconies

Foresight for policy & decision-makers

This report explores the potential role of foresight in integrating DRR and CCA through an analysis of 20 of the most common foresight methods.

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"Young voices" video presented at the 2019 European Climate Change Adaptation conference

A youth´s call for climate action

“Young voices” is an interactive and multimedia project: they produced a Call for action – young people's perspective on climate change video presented at the ECCA 2019.

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