Joseph Daron

I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Climate System Analysis Group at the University of Cape Town. My research focuses on the climate science-policy interface. Originally from the UK, I studied meteorology at the University of Reading with a year at the University of Oklahoma. After becoming increasingly interested in climate change and its societal impacts, I embarked on PhD exploring the value of climate model information in the insurance industry. I began the PhD, supervised by Dr David Stainforth, at the University of Exeter and then moved with my supervisor to complete the research at the London School of Economics. Halfway through the project I also spent six months at the UK Met Office working in the Climate Impacts Team. Looking to broaden my horizons and engage with the international research community, I moved to Cape Town in 2011. My current research topics include: exploring coastal adaptation decision making processes: examining how we visualise climate information; understanding the role of initial condition uncertainty in ensemble climate predictions; and exploring the role of regional climate information in managing comples systems. I also contribute to the climate services work of the research group.

farmer with watercan

The utility of weather and climate information for adaptation decision-making

This paper outlines currently available climate information and presents examples from Africa and India to highlight successes and barriers to the use and uptake of information in decision making.

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Visualising climate information

The video describes and discusses some of the key findings from a survey-based study titled "Visualising Climate Information". 

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