Jagannathan Ramaswamy

Head Sustainability Department

I am a  PhD  with more than 25 years of experience in buildings , environment and sustainability. In my journey I have gained additional certification and qualifications in LEED, BREEAM, Energy efficiency, solid waste management, climate change, regulatory policies and the likes.

I am currently heading the Sustainability department at PCFC Trakhees a Regulatory authority in Dubai, responsible for establishing green building policies and enforcing them in this jurisdiction of Dubai. I have a diverse role comprising the design, development and administration of select policy instruments which encapsulates Regulations, procedures, guidelines and the full gamut of the regulatory infrastructure to support the stakeholders. Also included are the design and development of support programs needed to raise the awareness and encourage compliance. I have encountered several barriers and challenges which I capitalized and successfully transformed into opportunities for fostering low carbon development. Development of region specific green building regulations, robust procedures, In-House Certification programs, Accreditation programs and stakeholder based initiatives are some of the instruments that I had successfully achieved. These have been running extremely successfully till date and well appreciated by the entire jurisdiction. I have had the privilege initiating , leading and completing ASASI (acronym for Advanced Sustainability Assessment Index) which is a region specific green building rating system that was launched in 2018.

I believe that a policy requires a high level of conceptual thinking, analytical acumen and a strong conviction to be successful. It is this principle that has helped me to play a positive role and contribute to the green building movement in the emirate. I have also been active in the industry and participated in several local, regional and international forums. In my 25 years of experience, I have had the privilege of working as contractor, consultant, client as well as a regulator. This multi-faceted experience along with a clear perception of the current needs places me in a solid footing to contribute significantly to organizations with similar ambitions/ aspirations.

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