John Duncan

Post Doctoral Researcher

My research interests centre around the following areas:

  • Assessing the impact of climatic extremes and variability on agriculture, especially in South Asia, 
  • Understanding the vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacity of rural communities and agricultural practices to climatic extremes and variability,
  • Disaster risk reduction and resilience to disasters in rural communities (especially tropical cyclones),
  • The links between climate change and climate variability and food and water security.

My research methods have involved integrating remote sensing, GIS and spatial analysis of climate data with range of socio-economic data sources including household surveys, qualitative interview data, secondary data (e.g. census, agricultural statistics) and policy document analysis.   

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PREFUS - Pathways of Resilience to Future Storms

Project Details

The PREFUS project is co-led by Dr Jadu Dash and Dr Emma Tompkins at the University of Southampton, and Dr John Duncan is a full time researcher on the project. It is a...

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John is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Climate Adaptation Learning Resources

Training modules on climate analysis, vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning.
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