Jeremy Gault

Principal/Funded Investigator

Jeremy Gault is the Beaufort Operations Manager and MaREI Thematic Lead for Coastal and Marine

Systems. He is a coastal geomorphologist who has amassed twenty years’ experience in marine research gained at national and international level.


Under the EU H2020 programme he is a Workpackage Leader on the AquaSpace Project and RiCORE projects. At national level, in addition to MaREI Centre projects, he is co-ordinator of the long-term funded Beaufort Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management and the Irish Climate Information Platform (ICIP) project (now in its third stage).

He currently on the Royal Irish Academy, Future Earth Ireland committee and coordinator of the Future Earth Coasts International Project Office, which was embedded in MaREI after UCC successfully bid to host this global initiative.

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KE4CAP Survey

This article gathers information and knowledge from across the KE4CAP project to date, with a focus on a survey of climate adaptation knowledge platforms in late 2020.

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Climate Ireland

Climate Ireland connects and integrates scientific research, policy making and adaptation practice for the purposes of enhancing adaptation decision making in Ireland.

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VKE3: Maintaining relevance

Discussions at this event will focus on approaches being used towards retaining relevance in an ever-changing world in terms of technology, data, policy requirements and knowledge provision. 

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List of Climate Adaptation Platforms

Please find below a list of platforms working with the KE4CAP project to share knowledge and expertise across the community. 

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VKE1: Introduction, Engagement and Next Steps

This event is the first in a series of virtual KE and engagement activities to be held in mid to late 2020 by the KE4CAP project.

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EU-Australia knowledge exchange event: Services and science supporting climate action

This report provides lessons learned from a KE4CAP perspective as a result of an EU-Australia bilateral workshop focused on developing and using web-based resources to inform climate action.

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