Ian Tellam


Director of Adaptify - a bureau based in Amsterdam, providing innovative research and management solutions with respect to climate change and development. 

Programme and project director, technical consultant, researcher. Strategy formulation and strategic planning. Policy formulation, implementation and monitoring.

Social and environmental aspects of institutional and regulatory reform of the energy sector; capacity building of small and medium sized enterprises for the promotion of access to energy for the poor; economic, technical and political aspects of the promotion of new and renewable energy technologies to mitigate climate change; institutional capacity building for adaptation to climate change; connecting climate impact and vulnerability studies with sector policies; mainstreaming climate adaptation into development planning; promotion of transparency and accountability within climate adaptation planning decisions; development of a framework to measure adaptation policies and actions against considerations of effectiveness and equity.

Assignments carried out in: Argentina; Bangladesh; Bhutan; Bolivia; Burkina Faso; China; Colombia; Gambia; Guatemala; Ghana; India; Indonesia; Ivory Coast; Japan; Kenya; Mali; Mauritius; Mexico; Mongolia; Mozambique; Nepal; Peru; Philippines; Senegal; South Africa; Suriname; Thailand; Vietnam.

Yemen Sadah Basin

Sadah Basin

An intermountain basin, the Sadah Basin is situated in Yemen’s western highlands about 250km north of Sana’a as shown in Figure 3.1 below. The basin is characterized by sparse...

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Aden City

Aden City

Aden City is the chief port of Yemen and is one of the largest natural harbors in the world with an area of about 70km² of sheltered water surrounded by Jebel Shamsan, Khoremakser, and...

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Yemen Sana'a Basin

Sana’a Basin

The Sana'a Basin is located in the Central Highlands of Yemen and includes the capital city of Sana'a. At an elevation ranging from 2,000 to 2,200m ASL, the basin is characterized...

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Colombia Vulnerability Assessment 2

Natural Susceptibility of San Andres de Tumaco

Mangrove ecosystems in Tumaco face major pressures that make them susceptible, diminishing their capacity to adapt to potential impacts caused by...

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indias - climate adaptation.

Colombia Vulnerability Assessment 1

The ecosystems in Cartagena face several pressures that make them highly vulnerable, diminishing their capacity to cope with the effects of climate change. 

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4f3245c06a96amongolia-herders - climate adaptation.

Mongolia NCAP Project

Livestock in Mongolia: Daniel Miller

Climate Change and Sustainable Livelihood of Rural People in Mongolia

Many people in Mongolia depend on keeping livestock for...

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Ian is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

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Climate Finance

This theme captures a wide array of issues and perspectives associated with access to climate finance, with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences for improving access to climate finance for the most vulnerable.  
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