Hugh Deeming

Dr Hugh Deeming is a research consultant based in Bentham, North Yorkshire. Following his most recent research experience working at Northumbria University as the scientific technical officer for the EU FP7 emBRACE project

Hugh’s principal research interest lies in the investigation of ‘community resilience’. This interest was first seeded during his service as a police officer, but was subsequently reinforced by his PhD investigation into the role that social networks play in building community resilience to low-probability / high-consequence storm surge hazards (NB. In 2015 this specialist interest led to Hugh being asked to lead the literature review process for the EU funded Mass-Shelter Capability Project)


Whilst at Lancaster University in 2007, Hugh was part of the team that undertook the Hull Floods Project, in which innovative qualitative methods were employed to investigate the process of recovery as it is experienced by flood-affected households. This project led Hugh to collaborate directly with the UK Cabinet Office in identifying ways in which the lessons from Hull could be integrated into the Cabinet Office National Recovery Guidance. Hugh has also worked with the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in developing the first UK Civil Protection Guidance Inventory, which was foundational work that eventually contributed to the development of the EPC Knowledge Centre.

Hugh's primary focus is on using qualitative research methods (e.g. interviews, group discussion, workshops) to explore the issues under investigation in order to attain a depth of understanding that is not necessarily achievable through the use of quantitative surveys and/or the use of 'big data'.

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emBRACE Flyover Northern England

Check out this Google Earth Flyover video for the emBRACE case study Northern England in the UK

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Floods in Northern England

Case Study Report: Floods in Northern England

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Building Resilience Amongst Communities in Europe (emBRACE) logo


The primary aim of the emBRACE project was to build resilience to disasters amongst communities in Europe. This project started on 1 October 2011 and ended on 30 September 2015. 

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