Hamish Mackintosh

I currently work in the British forestry sector as an independent contractor. I have a PhD from the University of Edinburgh which focussed on improving the silviculture of Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF).

My areas of expertise are CCF and forest mensuration/survey techniques. Recent projects have involved collecting site data from around Scotland for the Silvifuture project (http://www.silvifuture.org.uk/), producing information to populate webpages on long term CCF experiments and measuring provenance trials of minor conifer species throughout Scotland, England and Wales.

537cd6236d6fcbig-leaf-maple-p1010287 - climate adaptation.

Silvifuture: A network promoting novel forest species

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537630e03b63aqefp-photo-panoramic - climate adaptation.

Climate Ready Forestry at Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

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5374f3434e071inner-forth-tidal-pool-at-skinflats-reserve - climate adaptation.

Inner Forth Futurescape

Photograph by RSPB

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5374e0a0a8a0b1054550 - climate adaptation.

The Great Trossachs Forest

Copyright Isobel Cameron, Forestry Commission Picture Library

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5374db6928262vane-farm-peatland-restoration - climate adaptation.

Loch Leven Nature Reserve

Actions to increase adaptive capacity to changing rainfall patterns in the Loch Leven Nature Reserve

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5374c26f6acdenigg-bay-rspb-scotland - climate adaptation.

Nigg Bay Nature Reserve

In response to sea-level rise, managed coastal realignment was undertaken in Nigg Bay, Scotland, allowing the saltmarsh to re-establish naturally.

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