Gregor Vulturius

MA, BA joined SEI-Stockholm as a Research Associate in January 2013. I am involved in research about climate change adaptation, flood risk management, forestry management, disaster risk reduction and insurance. I am  part of two leading research projects about climate change adaption in the Nordic Countries, Mistra-SWECIA and NORD-STAR. Before moving to SEI, I have been working for two years as project assistant with Professor Carina Keskitalo at Umeå University in projects about climate change adaptation, flood risk management and the insurance industry in a number of European countries. I have  comprehensive skills and experience with qualitative and quantitative social and economic research and experience in the development of research proposals and science communication to policy makers and business leaders.

Constituent elements of the Tandem framework, from p.11 of the publication.

A framework for co-designing “transdisciplinary knowledge integration processes”

This paper seeks to reconceptualize climate services in light of the prevailing inability of existing climate information to spur needed policy and action. It focusses on the transdisciplinary knowledge co-production process rather than the output of a climate services product.

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Learning from failures in communication

This article captures the key findings from a workshop at ECCA 2017 that aimed to have open discussions around experiences with adaptation communication to share and learn from what hasn’t worked.

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The SEI Initiative on Climate Services

This initiative is developing and testing a new framework - Tandem - for the improved co-design, use and interpretation of climate services. 

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Building bridges and changing minds in climate communication

This brief synthesizes the “state of the art” on climate communication and highlights important questions and challenges that warrant further exploration, particularly regarding European policy

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sei drr miguel domingo - climate adaptation.

Disasters, climate change and development

This discussion brief examines the relationship between climate and disaster risk reduction, aiming to identify ways for them to work better together. 

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Mistra-SWECIA was a Swedish, multidisciplinary programme that developed research-based knowledge and decision-making support for adaptation to climate change in the Swedish forestry sector.

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