Giacomo Trombi

Giacomo Trombi, junior agronomist, is currently a guest Research Scholar with IIASA’s Risk Policy and Vulnerability (RPV) Program. He is collaborating with CNR-IBIMET Institute of Florence. 
Mr. Trombi is a research fellow at the Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Science - Section of Agronomy and Land Management, University of Florence (Italy). Specifically, he has been part of the "Agro-meteorology and modeling" research group (coordinated by Prof. Marco Bindi) since 2006. His research is focused on the impacts of climate change on agriculture. His topics are adaptation (farm level options and broader strategies to adapt to the climate as in future scenarios), mitigation (strategies and options for lowering the emissions/increase carbon sequestration), and crop modeling (effects of extreme events on crop growth and production, and crops water demand). 
Mr. Trombi has been involved in several projects including ADAM, PICCMAT, AG2020 (European), ICONE (international), and regional research projects SATREGAS, QUACOM, CLARINO and progetto ACQUA. He is currently working in the FP7 MEDIATION project running SE1 and SE2 case studies and collaborating with WP2. 
He has published in several peer reviewed national and international journals including Regional Environmental Change, European Journal of Agronomy, and Meteorological Applications. 
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Mobile Monitoring System

A low cost Mobile Network System for monitoring climate and air quality of urban areas at high resolution: a preliminary application in Florence (IT) metropolitan area


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The "heat wave" phenomenon is increasing all over Europe, affecting all sectors and increasing population mortality in summer, especially of elderly people living in urban areas. Both...

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This project will try to explore the best adaptation options and strategies for Tuscan viticulture given its particularities, constraints, weaknesses and strengths, in a climate change...

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Mediation (Main Project Page)

This article provides an overview of the MEDIATION project and links to its outputs.

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