Born in Lebanon, student of the American University of Beirut, immigrated to Brazil in 1960 as a student to finish his study as a mechanical engineer at the Mackenzie college in São Paulo. Later he entered the fashion business and at the age of 26 years, in 1970, he brought and manufactured the American Wrangler Jeans brand to the Brazilian market, and in 1980, he introduced the famous Christian Dior Jeans too.
At the age of 45, and as a successful business man, he sold all his industries in São Paulo and went to live in the famous historical small town of Porto Seguro, in the state of Bahia, on a forested and sunny cliff that oversees the Atlantic Ocean. There he started a new life and, as a passionate admirer of nature, he started buying all the small properties around his place and founded the BAOBAHIA Foundation.
The BAOBAHIA Foundation is a nonprofit organization, with financial and administrative autonomy, whose main objective is to integrate human beings in a sustainable and healthy environment in harmony with mother nature, also to support the local community through social and assistance projects helping vulnerable people with physical handicap by professionalizing them to deal with the soil, the seeds and the plants, also taking care of a great variety of exotic trees grown from seeds brought from remote subtropical regions around the world.
We help provide sustainability to the beach's cliffs and maintenance of the ever diminishing "Atlantic rain forest" of the Discovery Coast in the southern part of the state of Bahia, Brazil between Trancoso, Porto Seguro and Cabralia.
More informations and photos can be found at the Foundation's site:

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