Lyn Goldsworthy

Executive Director

The Frank Fenner Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation with active links to research, education and community sectors which aims to
• Promote understanding across the community of the human place in nature and of the inter-related ecological, social and health issues that confront our society today.
• Promote informed dialogue among influential thinkers and leaders about the social changes necessary to achieve a biosensitive future.
• Facilitate or undertake inter-disciplinary research to improve understanding of the human situation in the biosphere.
• Establish collaborative partnerships with other research and educational institutions, government agencies, the business sector and community organisations in the context of human and ecological health.

Lyn is a member of the following Themes, Networks or Projects

52dfc61c7c7d5ecosystem-based-adaptation 1 - climate adaptation.

Ecosystem-based Adaptation

Enhancing ecosystem services to support climate adaptation.
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