SHM Fakhruddin

Senior DRR and Climate Resilience Specialsit

Dr. Fakhruddin is an expert climate change risk assessor with 14 years’ experience in working on disaster risk and climate resilience projects across several continents. This global experience is a major advantage in the analysis and design of water and coastal projects. Through comprehensive risk assessment and design of adaptation strategies Dr. Fakhruddin’s projects significantly improve the early warning and disaster response capacity of national hydro-meteorological and disaster management agencies in countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Samoa, Seychelles, Thailand, Uganda and Vietnam  

Fakhruddin is currently advising the Government of Samoa on potential adaption strategies for dealing with the country’s vulnerability to climate change, and enhancing its resilience to hydrological disaster. He is a Science Committee Member of IRDR of ICSU/UNISDR, Co-Chair for the DATA and RIA Working Group of IRDR and PSG member of the Coastal Inundation Forecasting Demonstration Project (CIFDP) of WMO.




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