Erin Roberts

Research Associate

Erin Roberts has been working in the global climate policy space for several years and has worked on national climate policy in both South Asia and Africa. She coordinated research in Bangladesh to enhance understanding of how loss and damage could be better addressed in a national context which was part of a global project aimed at shaping the Loss and Damage discussions under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Her PhD research focused on the role of policy entrepreneurship in the evolution of Loss and Damage policies in Bangladesh. She has also worked for the African Climate Policy Centre to identify entry points for building resilience in the African Small Island Developing States and has been a technical advisor to the Africa Adaptation Initiative. She has advised both the Least Developed Countries and the African Group of Negotiators in the adaptation and Loss and Damage negotiations under the UNFCCC.

Mazenod resevoir under construction, Lesotho

Moving towards a growing global discourse on transboundary adaptation

This briefing note describes current adaptation plans and strategies addressing transboundary risks and highlights opportunities to enhance work on transboundary adaptation.

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Credit: NASA image by Robert Simmon and Jesse Allen, based on Landsat 5 data from the USGS Global Visualization Viewer.

Meeting the global challenge of adaptation by addressing transboundary climate risk

This brief from SEI, IDDRI and ODI finds that a transboundary view of climate risk creates opportunities for international cooperation on adaptation.

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