Emilia Pramova

CIFOR: researcher in climate change adaptation.

Areas of work: role of forest ecosystem services for the adaptation of communities and sectors; use and management of forest goods and services in the context of multiple stresses; transformational adaptation in forest socio-ecological systems; values and behaviours across forest and tree gradients under climate change.

weADAPT: editor of the Forests and Climate Change initiative.

Other activities: creation of content related to forests and climate change; building networks; linking CIFOR and weADAPT content.


4f4606bd8c219mitigation-mechanisms - climate adaptation.

Forests and synergies between adaptation and mitigation

What are mitigation and adaptation?

Mitigation and adaptation are the two strategies for addressing climate change. Mitigation is an intervention to reduce the emissions sources or enhance the...

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honduras - climate adaptation.

Forests and climate change in Latin America

Forest ecosystems play an important role in both adaptation and mitigation and there is a need to explore the linkages between these two options in order to understand their trade-offs and synergies

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