Names: Edgar Mloba Mgeta        Education/Activeness: BA(Edc) & Environment Activist

Title: Director     Responsibility: Managing the company     Areas of Interest: Forestry, Organic Agriculture, Solar  Energy, Climate Change, Bee Keeping & Low Energy Cooking Stoves.

Interest: ETC is interested to support rural communities in Morogoro region, ETC has both non-profit activities to support environmental management as well as profit making activities.



mountain agriculture

MICCA project in the South Ulugurus, Tanzania

This article will provide an overview of the MICCA Tanzania project initiative, which mainly focuses on the promotion of conservation agriculture and agroforestry at the community level and has a lifespan of 3 years.

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Climate-smart agriculture in Tanzania


The main goal of the MICCA Global Programme is to empower local smallholder farmers to contribute towards creating a low carbon emission agriculture pathway for the future.  MICCA...

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