Names: Edgar Mloba Mgeta        Education/Activeness: BA(Edc) & Environment Activist

Title: Director     Responsibility: Managing the company     Areas of Interest: Forestry, Organic Agriculture, Solar  Energy, Climate Change, Bee Keeping & Low Energy Cooking Stoves.

Interest: ETC is interested to support rural communities in Morogoro region, ETC has both non-profit activities to support environmental management as well as profit making activities.



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MICCA project in the South Ulugurus, Tanzania

Climate-smart practices with adaptation and mitigation potential in smallholder farmer systems

MICCA Overview

The Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Pilot...

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Climate-smart agriculture in Tanzania


The main goal of the MICCA Global Programme is to empower local smallholder farmers to contribute towards creating a low carbon emission agriculture pathway for the future.  MICCA...

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