Eirini gallou


Dr Eirini Gallou, AFHEA (Associate fellow, HEA) is a Teaching Fellow for the Centre for Sustainable Development. Eirini has completed her PhD in ‘Sustainable heritage management in island contexts’, in UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, BSEER. Her worked focuses on community engagement mechanisms and socio-institutional outcomes of participation, in the context of rural island communities, working with main case studies on the Orkney islands and worked as a policy social analyst for Historic England before joining Strathclyde. Eirini has experience in working for international and intergovernmental bodies that support capacity building for the protection of cultural and natural heritage and joined ICCROM’s flagship expert-targeted course ‘People centred-approaches to the Conservation of Nature and Culture’ in 2017. She’s excited to have moved to Scotland where she can support active learning approaches and the wider interdisciplinary teaching and research work of the Centre.