Daniela Tarizzo

Born in the “Eternal City” of Rome has made me instinctively appreciative of bright sun, flush nature, good food and smiling people. Volunteering has always been an important part of both my learning and work within various social and environmental bodies. After concentrating my studies on populations and natural environment, I have specialized in development, humanitarian assistance and environmental protection, with two European Masters Degrees and various post-graduate courses from different international institutions and universities - I can say I am a tireless learner, with a passion for people and for nature.

Since 1991, I have performed field work within local and international NGOs, CBOs and grassroots organizations, as well as the UN, both as a professional and as a volunteer, which gave me the opportunity to participate in and contribute to different world conferences, starting with RIO '92. Humanitarian activity in conflict areas has convinced me over the years that the protection of the environment is the most urgent and less considered emergency manhood has, and have devoted ever since my work to the cause of international environmental action, from working within intergovernmental bodies at negotiating tables, to campaigning through social networks and public events. My current assignment is on the UNDP global pilot program for CBA in ten countries across the globe, for which I have also conducted the M&E processes with a view to policy mainstreaming and upscaling.

Reading is the best part of my free time, the gym for the brain to be never renounced to, together with music as an important catalyst role in accompanying my professional and personal life. Two thirteen -year old cats have been traveling along all over and are part of my life, family, luggage.