John Clarke

Research Team Leader – Regional Projections

John M Clarke MAppSc
Research Team Leader – Regional Projections
Climate Extremes and Projections Group
CSIRO Climate Science Centre, Aspendale, Vic. AUSTRALIA
t: +61 3 9239 4620

John currently leads the Regional Projections Team within the CSIRO Climate Science Centre. He has over 25 years’ experience undertaking, interpreting, applying and communicating science nationally and internationally in the fields of climate change impacts and adaptation, and conservation biology. His expertise lies in developing applicable, fit-for-purpose, scientifically robust climate projections and assisting users understand, and make appropriate use of them. John recently led the Victorian Climate Projections 2019 project which included developing a new suite of high-resolution modelling and had a strong focus on assisting users to make sense of the abundance of data.