Corinne Schoch


I work for the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) within the Climate Change Group.I am currently working on the coordination of the GICBA initiative with SEI and IDS. It is a very exciting project and I look forward to seeing all of your placemarks on the Adaptation Layer. This new space will allow everyone to engage with those that are already working on CBA related projects and I hope provide a forum that enables everyone to share, learn and develop future ideas. Alongside this initiative I am also coordinating the development and climate days conference that takes place each year at the COP, the CBA conferences and lastly I am developing a research stream within the group that explores the climate change and security nexus.

I very much look forward to collaborating with you on this initiative.

What is a Community-Based Adaptation Project?

We are often asked to define and articulate what a community-based adaptation project should look like, and whilst this is often riddled with difficulty the following questions should help those...

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Adapting to drought in Tanzania

Risk in the village of Msomera, in the Handeni District of Tanzania, is associated with a long history of drought and associated environmental problems. Being poor, this village is...

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The project is located in the Djimbala region, based on the principle of participation and accountability of rural communities along the Inland Delta of the Niger River, in the restoration of...

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Adapting to water scarcity in Zimbabwe

The project addresses challenges associated with dwindling water resources for drinking and horticulture activities and animals, as well as unsustainable agricultural practices. The...

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