Carlos Manchego

I am broadly interested in communication of science in the field of natural resources management. My academic interests range from the ecological implications of climate change to ecosystem-based adaptation strategies for human populations. Thanks to serveral sponsor organizations, I have participated in research projects in North, Central and South America, early in my career as part of a master program at the University of Florida, then as volunteer and knowledge management advisor for Cuso International and the Iberoamerican Model Forest Network in Costa Rica, and later during my PhD program in Germany and Ecuador.

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Red Iberoamericana de Bosques Modelo

La Red Iberoamericana de Bosques Modelo enlaza territorios donde se impulsan iniciativas para el buen manejo de los bosques y recursos naturales.  La RIABM es una alianza voluntaria entre...

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Adaptation efforts in the tropical dry forest of Bolivia

The Chiquitano Model Forest is one of three case study model forests of the EcoAdapt project, which aims to develop and implement ecosystem-based adaptation strategies in Argentinian, Bolivian and...

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Bosque Modelo Chiquitano

Los Bosques Modelo procuran el desarrollo sostenible de un territorio y por lo tanto contribuyen a alcanzar objetivos globales de reducción de pobreza, cambio climático, lucha contra la...

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